Cortez Resources is a privately-held Dallas, Texas-based company specializing in the evaluation and acquisition of minerals, royalties, and land prospective for unconventional sources of oil and gas. Cortez was started in 2008 by Patrick Collins (CEO) and Michael Catrino (COO), who both previously worked for other E&Ps and were active in a number of the original unconventional basins, like the Fayetteville, Barnett, and Marcellus Shales.

Since inception, the company has acquired working or royalty and mineral interests in over 700,000 acres across the United States and has an interest in, or under, over a thousand wells. After inception, Cortez was an early entrant into both the Eagle Ford Shale and the Wolfcamp Shale play in the Permian Basin. The company has continued to find and participate in a number of early stage plays and continues to be a first mover, whether from a leasehold or mineral and royalty perspective, in many new areas and basins.



Estate Planning

Eliminating oil and gas mineral and royalty interests from an estate can lower the cost of settling the estate.

Increase Liquidity

Selling royalties and mineral interests can generate a large lump sum cash payment which can help an individual or estate settle outstanding debts, taxes or other expenses.

Minimize Risk from Price Fluctuations

Selling a royalty or mineral interest upfront eliminates the risk of oil and gas price volatility.

Ease Tax Burden

The lump sum generated through the sale of mineral and royalty interst is only subject to capital gains taxes, whereas the income from holding onto mineral and royalty interests is subject to severance taxes, ad valorem taxes, and both federal and state income taxes.


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