About Us

Cortez Resources is an Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company with a focus on domestic unconventional resource plays.

In recent years, the United States has led the charge in unlocking the vast resource potential found in unconventional oil and gas formations. The location and presence of these shale plays is not new to the industry, but rather the ability to produce them economically. Through a combination of technological advancement in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing and a rise in commodity prices, the industry has found the key to economically viable shale production.

Shale gas, and now shale oil, is a game-changer for the United States as well as the world. For the first time in decades, the US has seen a rise in domestic oil and gas production, and we are only in the beginning stages of many of these unconventional plays. Cortez and its management have been early movers in many of the prominent domestic shale plays, and we have a long-term commitment to getting the most out of our current resources as well as finding and building new positions.

Cortez is a privately-held Dallas, Texas-based company specializing in the evaluation and acquisition of land prospective for unconventional sources of oil and gas. We pride ourselves in our devotion to exploring for and producing our natural resources in the most ethical and efficient manner possible. Consider partnering with Cortez today.